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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 3, 2012 10:00am-11:00am EST

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you can find me on facebook, christine romans, cnn. back now to "cnn saturday morning" for the latest news headlines. have a great weekend, everybody. -- captions by vitac -- from cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. it's march 3rding good morning. i'm david mattingly. destroyed buildings and lives marked yesterday's deadly tornado outbreak. these are pictures coming to us this morning from the atlanta area. we will have the latest on the search for survivors and victims. and on the campaign trail. today it's washington state's turn to way in on the republican candidates who want to be president. we're watching all the angle
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of this developing story of the severe weather that just continues to move across our country. susan candle yoty is in henryville right now where daylight has brought a stunning new look. our bonnie schneider is in the weather center keeping an eye on the new watches and warnings in effect right now. but before we get to them, i want to show you an amazing piece of video. it comes from west liberty, kentucky. listen. >> take it away from us, lord. take it, lord, take it, lord. take it away from us, jesus. >> what we're watching is this funnel cloud is swirling, getting ready to hit the earth. you hear a woman praying to god to have the storm move away, while her prayers were achbsed, her home was spared but the town that was hit, west liberty was hit very hard. at least three people died there. now, let's get you to indiana where we've seen some of the
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worst damage in all these storms. people are counting their blessings as strange as that may sound because by the looks of the town, things could have been so much worse as far as the loss of life goes. susan candiotti is live in henryville. susan, the bad news keeps on coming as we see these pictures. is this town getting back on its feet today? >> reporter: oh, i think it's far too soon to say that, but they certainly are trying their best. joining us now is the governor of indiana, mitch daniels. thank you for joining us live on cn. you just guangdong with a tour. tell us some of the things you saw and your assessment. >> we're not unfamiliar with the wrath of mother nature in indiana but this is about as worse as we've seen in the years since i've been in this job. i will say that it proves that preparation and better warning
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systems do matter and undoubtedly saved a lot of lives. and i'm very impressed with the work of our people who responded. we're getting better at that every time it happens. >> reporter: we had a chance to see some of this on television yesterday as it was unfolding. now you got to see it in person. what was your gut telling you as you got to see it flying overhead? >> lucky that it wasn't worse. it's heartbreaking, of course. we're continuing to up the track of this storm. this is a long storm. somebody later will tell us whether there were multiple tornadoes or not. there may have been because it's 15 miles from here to chelsea and we lost lives at each point along the way. >> reporter: what's the latest death toll? >> we had 14 confirmed. i hope that's as far as we will go. the folks doing the rescue here believe they have everyone
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accounted for. we don't know if someone hasn't been found yet. but let's pray. >> reporter: do you know any of the personal stories of any of them? >> stopping in talking to people, a man named wayne hunter, i guess it is, was lost here. unbelievably here in henryville, just one town. he was really outside of town, but he was apparently a much loved figure here. i talked to some folks who lost their pizza business. but you know what their first question was? we've got some frozen food. we'd like to donate it. where can we help someone else? that's the kind of people we have in this state. >> reporter: very generous spirit. do you know anything about the little baby, the 21-month-old who was found in the field and taken to a hospital in nearby louisville? >> no, not yet.
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>> reporter: governor, what's it going to take to pull things together. when you saw henryville high school with school buses tossed around like toys -- in fact, if you look right over your shoulder here, this bus started off other there. >> i know. i know. what you're going to find out is we're pretty resilient people in this state. people have come in from everywhere and from our neighboring state of kentucky to help each other. you watch how quick we put things back. we can't restore the horrible loss for families who have suffered fatalities, but we know how to rebuild and we know how to help each other, and everybody will see that in the next month or so. >> reporter: any early word on the federal government helping out? >> i'm sure they will. we always view that as step 2. we try not to get distracted by anything, not even you guys, susan, while the real work of rescue and relief and recovery takes place, but there's no question this will qualify for the help of our fellow tax pairs
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in other states and we'll make application at the right time. >> reporter: very kind of you to join us. thank you very much. >> sure. >> reporter: good luck. thank you. obviously he has several hours ahead of him as he continues to survey the damage in his state, david. it's a mess out here. you can see these power lines at my eye level, five feet above the ground. there's a diner with the kids looking through. below that is a basement where seven people took cover. i talked to one of the women who survived, left her house thinking she'd be safer here. in fact, her house came out just fine, but she went through the scariest night of her life when that tornado hit. >> i can absolutely imagine. >> reporter: she came outside. it was very bad. but clearly as you heard the governor say, they're a bounceback group here, and they plan to do just, that david. >> that's right. what you're talking about, that building behind you, it's a small building, you have people
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taking refuge from a storm and there's a huge bus that crashed into it right there behind you. >> reporter: thanks. i'm glad we also have time to talk about that. so when she came up and saw this, couldn't believe that. and then a hailstorm started with softball-sized hail. this bus is actually -- i think we can -- if we have a moment -- so this bus is jackknifed from across the street into this diner, but it came -- sheared off the chassis here coming around the side here. look. this is the chassis of the school bus. here's the gas tank here, the opening to the gas tank. this had 11 school kids in it but not when this happened. it just got through dropping them off across the street here at henryville high school. just dropped off the kids because they knew they couldn't make it home, and so they sought
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shelter there in the offices of that building, hunkered down. again, no reports of any serious injuries among the remaining staff and 50, 60, 70 or so students from both the grade school and the high school that are right across the street. another amazing story of survival. >> right. you just cannot imagine how amazing it is there are stories of survival through this horrible devastation. you're showing right there these people are huddled for their leaves in that little building and a school bus is smashing through it. just one indication. >> reporter: exactly. >> just one indication of what was going on there. >> reporter: you know what they say, david. we did know about it. that's right. they said we did know about it, we were getting the warnings as you take a look at this across the street. if we move forward a little bit here. you know, you've got the bic front on the building. you can see the insulation blowing in the breeze there. yonlt that you can see a girder
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where part of that huge school complex used to be, and they said, yeah, we knew about it, and they got out of school with maybe an hour before the storm hit. kids for the most part had time to get home. but then you have to take shelter, and they said, i mean, what can you do? that's why they're taught, listen to the radio, watch television, get those warnings, have a safe place to hide. and so that's what they did, went to the interior of the school in safe places they had mapped out. in this case, it worked. the office. they were safe there. but there were other spots in the school where they also might have taken cover that were blown to smithereens. >> you know what? so, so happy right now. >> reporter: as you heard the governor say and everyone else, they were lucky. >> so happy that thekys were doing exactly what they were told exactly when they needed to do it. susan candiotti, thank you very much in indiana. now on to tennessee, another state pummeled by the storms.
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our rob marciano is there standing by in the community outside chattanooga. we're going to go to rob later. right now, some areas of the south are still not out of the danger zone. this is some video from the atlanta area that we have to show you. police say at least two schools, a local airport, and a number of homes were heavily damaged in palding county. let's get right to meteorologist bonnie schneider who's keeping up with the latest on the watches and warnings. these things are not going away. >> no. it's interesting. that video was north of atlanta. now i have tornado warnings far south of atlanta. let's zoom in. i want to show you these tornado warnings. here's one right now that covers, as i mentioned, two states. we're looking at a tornado warning that encompasses areas like greensboro, savannah. liberty county and decatur county in southwest georgia.
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and if that's not enough, we have a second tornado warning right now impacting west green and broxton, and this one is in central coffee county in southeast georgia. so two tornado warnings. now as of now, dwoejts have a tornado spotted on the ground but we do have doppler radar indicated rotation in the thunderstorms. when there's rotation in the thunderstorms, we can see a funnel cloud form, and if a funnel cloud touches down on anything, whether it's a building or ground, it's a tornado. that's why you want to take cover now. you saw in susan's report, the children practiced. they knew what to do. it's so important to have practice plan in place. you want to go to the basement if you have one or the moeflt interior room of your home. put as many walls between you and the tornado as possible. it could be a bathroom osh a closet. we have a tornado watch. that means conditions are favorable for tornados to develop today until 2:00. it goes from panama city all the way through south carolina and florida and georgia. this is a big area we're
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all these amazing pictures we keep looking at today from all the damage from across the country from the severe storms. our ireports are giving us a crucial look at the deadly storm, giving us eyes in places we wouldn't normally have. josh levs going through all the incredible pictures this morning. he's got some to show us. josh, the i-reports that we're getting in are pretty telling. >> absolutely. they're incredible. i'll tell you folks, we've got new images coming in of the aftermath including behind me
10:15 am
from i want to show you one of the most dramatic videos showing an actual tornado, one of the tornadoes. today we're looking at aftermath. but it was yesterday afternoon, friday afternoon that one of our ireporters as you can see right there was in portland, indiana, chad hinton. they were sent home from work. he was going home and set up his camera. this was just east -- just west of henryville. so he believes he was just a couple of miles from the tornado. and we've been showing you the devastation in henryville today. well, here is a shot. look at that huge tornado. look at that. he's not too far away, just a couple of miles. i'm going to mention this again. he did not go into danger. he was sent home. he set up his camera. this gives you a sense of how absolutely huge this tornado was. just one of many examples of
10:16 am
what people are going through throughout the country. we'll bring you over to the screen behind me because i also want you to see before i go here some of what we've gone on today. this is one example. you can tell this used to be a house. this was a bedroom right here. everything else is gone. the more you flip through some of these pictures the more you can see devastation in numerous states throughout the stricken areas. absolutely stunning. we'll also be showing you later this hour some parts of this country that were struck by such extreme hail that it's something like you may never have heard. all of that is coming out. also how you can help out people that were stricken. obviously we know a lot of people are thinking about all the people. we have information to help them. >> thanks, josh. voters in washington state have their say today. it's the next contest in the republican presidential race, but are the stakes as high as
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they were earlier in the week. and also rush limbaugh with controversial comments. this time he's even drawing fire from conservatives. we'll tell you what said next. all energy development comes with some risk, but proven technologies allow natural gas producers to supply affordable, cleaner energy, while protecting our environment. across america, these technologies protect air - by monitoring air quality and reducing emissions... ...protect water - through conservation and self-contained recycling systems... ... and protect land - by reducing our footprint and respecting wildlife. america's natural gas... domestic, abundant, clean energy to power our lives...
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that's smarter power today. to politics now. we're just three days away from super tuesday, but there's actually another important contest that takes place today. it's the washington republican caucus. cnn political editor paul steinhauser joins us. paul, what's the difference of -- or what's the importance of today's vote in washington? >> it is actually very important for the first time in a while,
10:19 am
david. washington state is a power player in the primary presidential politics. much more than that, it's about momentum. that's why all four candidate have been there. this is the last contest before super tuesday in three days. all the candidates are hoping if they do well in washington state, maybe that will carry over to super tuesday. take a listen to what santorum and romney say about washington state. >> i encourage you to make a big difference. you have the opportunity. everybody's focused in on super tuesday. but you are the voice. you are the voice that's going to speak very loudly before super tuesday and put this race on whole different plain. >> you guys are first. and so your voice is going to be heard. >> you know, all four of the major republican candidates did campaign there. guess what? ron paul, the congressman from texas is still there today. the other three, they've gone to
10:20 am
ohio. blue ash, ohio. this is rick santorum. he, romney and newt gingrich will be campaigning across ohio today. it's one of the ten states that votes on super tuesday. i think it's arguably, you can say, the most important of all of them. david? >> thanks, paul. speaking of momentum, the contraception issue in washington gained even more steam this week, thanks to popular radio host rush limbaugh. as cnn senior congressional correspondent dana bash reports, rush limbaugh's comments have galvanized support on both sides of the issue. >> reporter: explosive comments, even for rush limbaugh. >> what does it say about the college co-ed susan fluke who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? what does that make her? it means you're a slut, right?
10:21 am
makes her a prostitute? she wants to be paid to have sex. >> reporter: she appeared at a democratic event last week arguing that the obama administration rule requiring free contraception is critical for health. we played rush limbaugh's comments to her. to hear him call you in front of millions of viewers a slut, how did you feel? >> i probably feel the way many women do when they're called those types of names. initially hurt and quickly upset and just outraged because someone is trying to silence you. >> reporter: politically rush played right into the democrats' playbook, called gop contradiction to free contraception a war on women. >> i rise this morning to say to rush limbaugh, shame on you. >> reporter: the house democrats' campaign tried to raise money on the issue and democrats circulated a letter
10:22 am
demanding gop leaders repudiation rush limbaugh. friday morning john boehner did just that with a dig at democrats too. a spokesman saying the speaker obviously believes the use of those words was inappropriate, as is trying to raise money off the situation. but limbaugh is hardly backing down. >> the woman comes forth with this, frankly, hilarious claim that she's having so much sex that she can't afford it, and not one person said, well, did you ever think about maybe backing off the amount of sex that you have? did you ever think maybe it's your responsibility for your own birth control, not everybody else's. >> well, i would say that i don't think that the women of america find it hilarious. >> reporter: it's in the democrats' political interest to keep this story going. fluke even got a call from president obama. were you surprised to get a call from the president of the united
10:23 am
states? >> yeah. it certainly wasn't on my calendar for the day, but i was happy to add that to the schedule. he thanked me for speaking out and being willing to do this and for helping to magnify the voices of women around the country. >> reporter: on the presidential campaign trail, mitt romney wouldn't answer a question about limbaugh, but rick santorum, who vehemently condemns the president's policy on contraception as an intrusion on religious freedom he told wolf blitzer, quote, rush limbaugh is being absurd. dana bash, cnn, washington. as you heard from dana, rush limbaugh didn't want to talk about his comments. all he said is it was. the language he would have used in that situation. now, a different kind of car. one man has taken his planting under water in an effort to beautify the deep. we're going to meet him next.
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ocean. he's trying to fix the problem. that's what's made him this week's cnn hero. >> i grew up diving in the florida keys and it was just the most magical place. the coral reefs were so pretty and i deseeded that's what i wanted to do is dive on coral reefs. in an area where there's live coral there's always more fish. reefs provide protection for our coastal areas and places for recreational opportunities for millions of people. i was diving over 40 years and
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over time i saw the coral reefs start to die. coral reefs are on the decline. if they die completely, coastal communities would be bankrupt. tourism would be virtually gone. the billion people in the world would be impacted. i started thinking, how can we fix this problem. >> my name is ken nedyer and we're protecting and replanting coral reefs. we take it out and after about a year or two, it becomes this big and then we cut the branches off and we do it again. >> ken's coral nursery is one of the largest in the caribbean. it's ten times larger than the others in existence. >> it's 2003. we originally planted six corals here and now there's over 3,000 growing in this area alone. >> before i felt helpless watching it die. now i think there's hope it's
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not too late. everybody can help. i see all the corals and all this fish. it's like the whole reef is coming back to life and making a difference is exciting. >> what a great story. now, remember, all of our cnn heroes come from your suggestions. so be sure to go to to see how you can nominate someone. for now, our cnn crews are spread out across the midwest and the south. the latest on the killer tornadoes that have left behind widespread destruction. that just ahead. and with just three days to go until super tuesday, will the republican roller coaster soon end? stay with us. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient.
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wait, so you guys make the beer? no, we make the power that makes the beer. so without you there'd be no bud? that's right. well, we like you. [ laughter ] ♪ hour. welcome back. i'm david mattingly. thanks for starting your day with us. what day it has been looking at the damage left behind by the severe storms. at least 32 people are dead from devastating tornadoes that have crisscrossed the country, but many communities are still searching for survivors and victims. we'll have a report from tennessee in just a moment. it's one of the many communities outside chattanooga that were slammed by the storms. but first we want to check in with our bonnie schneider who's keeping up with the latest watches and warnings. bonnie?
10:31 am
>> we have two tornado warnings right now. they're stretching over two states, georgia as well as florida. take a look. the first one is covering a portion of florida and georgia right along the border. let's zoom in and i'll show you where it is. it's really -- we receive a lot of strong storms to the east of tallahassee. let's zoom in. it looks like another one pops up in advance of this one, affecting cities like havana, quincy. right now it's affecting decatur county in southwest georgia. this tornado warning continuing until 10:45 eastern time. it all began around 9:54. right now the movement of this storm system is at 35 miles an hour. you can see the original tornado warning just to the west of it. now we head to southern georgia. this is southeast georgia. i have good news to report as we speak. this was a tornado warning but luckily it's expired and now judging by the orange box you see here, it is now a severe thunderstorm warning not to be
10:32 am
taken lightly as well because we'll be seeing damaging winds and light hail at present now. also we're looking at some very heavy rain working its way across georgia at this time. this storm system is part of a big tornado watch. this goes until 2:00 today. so we're looking at the risk area much further south and east than what we saw yesterday. cities like panama city, tallahassee are all under this watch. abbany, georgia, valdosta, and straight into north carolina. we could see a tornado touch down, possibly one exists later on throughout the day. just to let you know, storms impacting louisiana and alabama have diminished in intensity, but we could still see more. i it's going to be a volatile day but not as bad as yesterday. >> thanks, bonnie. the word is to stay vigilant on all of these pass out of the area. we go to rob marciano. he's been covered the
10:33 am
devastation outside chattanooga, tennessee. rob? >> reporter: clean-up efforts back under way. people are getting back out. they had to stop with all clean-up efforts for a time yesterday because they got hit with back-to-back storms after the twister came through a few hours later. a few rounds came through later including hail and a tornado twister and a cell after that that had circulation down to our south. so you see they're bringing in all sorts of heavy equipment, large and small, manpower as well. the buzz saws are humming also. they're being strict with who they let in and out of these places because the power companies are trying to get the lanes back up. obviously if your home is destroyed, there's nothing to hook up to. but they want to get things lined up. this is the lake i'm talking about. i would. mind retiring here. this would be a nice place to retire. the entire neighborhood
10:34 am
literally blown to pieces. a number of injuries coming out of that neighborhood. i was talking with a gentleman. he was not here, he was having lunch. his wife was not either. thankfully so. look how the dining room was cleaned off its foundation, his home completely demolished. one of 20 completely destroyed. well over a hundred in eastern tennessee or the chattanooga area to the point where they're unlivable. a lot of folks would come by, bag up some of their valuables, important papers because they knew the storm was coming. they're going to come back and try to go through as what's memorable. there's some homes that can be fixed and will be liveable once again, but not any time soon. obviously the power still out. over 7,000 people without power, hundreds of thousands without a home right now. it's going to be a long road before they're up and going here in eastern tennessee.
10:35 am
now onto politics. it's been a roller-coaster ride for the republicans hoping to be the next president. they've been up and they've been down in the polls, but is the gop ready to settle on mitt romney? joining me now to talk about the cam paper, cnn campaign contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona and republican strategist lenny mcallister. does that mean the republican voters are giving up on finding an alternative to romney? we'll find out after tuesday. i think where we are at this point in time is everybody's had a chance to be over mitt romney in the polls, and unfortunately for those ruling for the anybody be romney candidate, you have seen that candidate continuously make miss strikes that brought him down, anybo.
10:36 am
they have not taken advantage of being at the top of the poll, not been in a position to take advantage of being a front runner in a situation where they could have done it. newt gingrich coming out of south carolina and rick santorum coming off some of his victories was not in that status. i think everybody is finally saying, enough is enough. we're not going to have another candidate jump in. romney's going to be our guy. >> everybody is focusing on washington caucuses. coming out of that they want to claim the mow men tell. but, maria, i'm curious. on super tuesday what states are you going to be watching? >> i think it's going to be interesting going into super tuesday especially for romney because super tuesday is not fertile territory for him right now. so like a washington win and the fact that he won in arizona and in michigan do help him going into super tuesday in terms of momentum, i'm going to be watching georgia. i'm going to be watching tennessee. i'm going to be watching oklahoma because these are states where clearly the
10:37 am
southern conservative vote is still up for grabs. it is a block of voters that mitt romney has had tremendous trouble in terms of making the sale and while i agree with lenny we all think mitt romney is going to be the nominee, he's certainly flaw. the others have made flubs but it seems every time mitt romney opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. it's unfortunate that no one else has been able to take advantage of that but when you have the kind of money that mitt romney has, it's going to be difficult to overcome that. i think it's going to be interesting to look at georgia though in terms of newt gingrich and whats he ee gong to be doing there. and if he wins, what it's going do for his candidacy. >> rush limbaugh has taken the controversy over contraception to a new level. here's what he said about a georgia university student who
10:38 am
told congress that it should be held by religious institutions. >> what does it say about the college co-ed susan fluke who goes before the congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. what does that meake her? it makes her a slut, right? makes her a prostitute. she wants to be paid to have sex. she's having so much sex she can't afford the sex. she wanted you and me and the taxpayers to pay her for having sex. what does that make us? >> listen. here's what boehner's spokesman said -- i'll read it for you. the speaker obviously believes the use of those words was inappropriate, as in trying to raise money off the situation. so a little bit of political
10:39 am
barbs going both ways on this. i mean the contraception issue has been an issue on the campaign trail. it could have an impact. are we overpoliticizing it at the moment. lenny, first from you. >> we're trying to make a thought leader, quote/unquote, to be a political leader. we see this on both sides. we see the demonization on both sides. to be quite fair, we don't see either side trying to ramp it it down whether it's uncle rush or the others and the uncle tom comments that come from the left toward the right at time to time. whether it's uncle tom or uncle rush, as long as we keep going back and forth with this and allowing these sensationalized comments to be the political rhetoric of the day, it's not going to do uncle sam good at all. the other issue is here's a conservative mouthpiece, spokesperson if you will taking
10:40 am
the wrong approach to this issue. this issue is not about women's health. it's about pro-choice. if it were about women's health we'd be talking about giving away free medicine for heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and strokes. those are the things that kill women, not the ability to have free birth control pills. but instead of taking that approach which would be more resonating in the conversation, we go back to polarizing types of terminology and issues that get us to this point in time. it's extremely frustrating because america doesn't move forward through this kind of stuff. >> okay, marimaria. should a person be using comments from a person who's not using money to run as a candidate. >> i think it's appropriate. what he's done is hurled a horrendous personal insult, a slut, a prostitute, to a college student who is simply speaking her mind and speak up for women's rights everywhere.
10:41 am
it is completely inappropriate, and i think that there have been no profiles encouraged from the republican candidates coming out to disassociate themselves from rush limbaugh's comments, and that's a problem for the republican party because what we're seeing is not only is mitt romney and the party bleeding independence but independent women are fleeing the republican party because they're looking at this as an attack on women, and they have done nothing to convince women that they will stand up for them, and this underscores that, and that's not a good place to be for the republican party with 53% of the electorate going into the general election. >> maria and lenny, thank you very much. >> wait, wait. >> we're going to have to go, lenny. she's going have to have the last word on that. we will come back to this some day, i'm sure, in the very near future. thank you very much for being here. >> be sure to tune into cnn tonight for special coverage of the washington state caucuses. we'll have the results and
10:42 am
analysis for you starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern. still to come, many of you found yourself in the path of the severe storms. josh levs joins me with some of the best images we've seen in this coverage, and they're coming from our ireporters. stay with us. [ lane ] your anti-wrinkle cream is gone. but what about your wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles
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if you've been watching for any length of time this morning you eenk been seeing this heartbreaking video of town after town that's been hit by the devastating storms, but we're getting an even clearer picture of the outbreak of tornadoes and the scope of the devastation actually from you. some of the most powerful accounts are coming from cnn ireports and josh levs is here in the studio keeping his eye on all that's come in. josh, what are you seeing? >> really powerful images from the past several days. earlier this hour we were looking at video of one of the tornadoes that had touched down. a lot of people out there were also impacted by hail. i want to show you this new video now. take a look. this is one of many examples of what folks are seeing here.
10:46 am
this was from an ireporter shot in nashville. tennessee's violent hail falling in the yard. he's a student at vanderbilt and he tells us he h was captured the worst part of the storm for nashville. let's stay on this. this is what many people underwent. people were driving through hail in parts of the south as big as golf balls. in some places substantially larger. afterward you see that. this is just some of the images that have been coming in to us. let's go to the screen here. going back all the way to the middle of the week, we have some images like this which came to us from harrisburg out . look at that. an american flag that got knocked down there. hundreds and hundreds of pictures. i promised earlier this hour i would let you know seeing these images you might want to reach
10:47 am
out and help people who are struggling in the wake of these storms. we have a section for you right here on called "impact your world." it's called it hooks you up with ways to help those hit be storms. i've put lots of links out for you. facebook and twitter and the blog, i'll be back the next hour were many videos coming in from the devastation of the tornadoes and other storms that have worked their way through so much of the country. >> thank you very much. keep it coming. gone in an instant. tornados going through america's heartland obliterating neighborhoods. a search for survivors is under way. a happy story of a man pulled from the wreckage with his four-legged friend. the details next. [ laura ] maine is known for its lighthouses, rocky shore,
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10:51 am
her safety. listen. >> god, by all powers in your son's name, take this storm away from our home as you did for elijah. >> that swirling cloud. her prayers must have been answered because her house was spared. other homes in west liberty, however, didn't get spared. the tornado did touch down and cause a great deal of damage. scenes of damage throughout the midwest and the south, but among the destruction, a little girl is found alive. her story is coming up. stay with us.
10:52 am
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10:54 am
you know, it's really hard to understate the scope of the damage to the storm system that continues go across the country. damage is literally across half the united states right now. but southern indiana was particularly hard hit by yesterday's deadly tornadoes including the town of henryville. storm chaser jeff piatrowski was there when the second tornado hit the town. he was able to get the help and help some kids get out of the school before the tornado pretty
10:55 am
much leveled the building and he spoke to us earlier. listen. >> tornado hit henryville and as the tornado went through there -- about three to four minutes after the tornado. and the second storm was rapidly approaching. as we made our way into town everything was leveled. we realized it. we drove over by the school and took shelter from the storm. baseball sized hail. i saw people running up to the school and i asked is there somebody in the school and people said kids are in there. we found that kids were trapped in part of the building. they were there as part of an after-school program. it took about 45 minutes to get the kids out of school as the second storm passed.
10:56 am
baseball hail and took us to gnat shelter north of it. >> now, so many times when you're out there and your job as a chaser is to actually be able to put out information to help people get out of harm's way. these people were already in harm's way. how often is it you have to pull over and intervene like this to help people? >> more than you realize. especially yesterday, these tornadoes were moving, you know, 60, 70 miles an hour, very fast and large tornadoes. >>. going up now, the rescue and the rebuilding efforts begin for residents across the midwest and the south in the wake of the devastating storms. stay with us.
10:57 am
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